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6 December 2017

What drives smart cities?

Smart City idealists envisage a hyper-efficient future in which AVs and IoT technologies make traffic jams and other irritations little more than historical curiosities. Is this reality or fantasy? Does the answer to congested cities lie in hyper-loops or buses, ultra-modern technology or good, old-fashioned logistics?

The article and podcast are based on a roundtable discussion, convened by Go-Ahead Group CEO David Brown and Jericho Chambers on 24 November 2017.


  • The smartest cities are about people not tech.
  • Individualism isn’t the answer. City citizens are all in it together.
  • Road pricing looks inevitable in the long run.
  • The internal combustion engine looks doomed on city streets.
  • If Google gets to run cities expect geek monotony.
  • Local authorities need to make sure they can balance their books in this new world.

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